Objectives and Scope



International Journal of the Small and Medium Enterprise


Objective and Scope

The main objective of the International Journal of the Small and Medium Enterprise is to become a meeting ground for interdisciplinary discussion about the financial and the entrepreneurial of the small and medium business: an academic forum which works towards a theoretical undertsanding and a direct knowledge of such a reality.

The Journal also aims at gathering a diversity of research about theory as well as methodology. Published papers should be the result of research  which contributes qualitatively to the economic and business analysis of the SME and the Entrepreneurial initiatives.

 We believe that the journal will be of interest not only to academic forums in the fields of business economics, economics, and areas related to this specific business context; Institutions and professionals from the public administration, at the local or the national level,  will also find in the journal  a rigorous, scientific and critical analysis of the reality and future of the Small and Medium Enterprise. 

The connection between academic research and its application to business has become increasingly necessary as well as enriching in both directions. The journal seeks to be the context in which a communication between both can be possible and effective.

At the risk of not being thorough and aware of the interdisciplinarity broadness of some of the areas outlined below, we list the main lines of research for the papers.

General strategic management.

The specifics of commonly business

Human resources and personnel management


Financial information and funding


The journal will also devote a section to news, conferences, theses defense and books about areas of interest. The Editorial Board requests and welcomes contributions for this section.





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