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Review Process

The papers can be submitted both in Spanish and English. Submissions should be sent electronically as an attachment file to the associate editor or through the PICCA Portal for the following review process:

  .- The work will be first reviewed by the editors in order to determine whether it fits editorial criteria. An initial acceptance of the paper for the evaluation process will be communicated to the author / s within a maximum time period of fifteen days from receipt.

.- If accepted, the paper will undergo a double-blind review process by two reviewers. With the recommendations of the reviewers, the editor will decide whether the contribution is accepted as is, rejected, or returned for changes and modifications suggested by reviewers (to be accepted or reviewed again once suggestions are followed). The result of the blind review process will be communicated to authors no later than three months after acceptance. For more information please visit the PICCA portal.

.- Authorship of rejected submissions will remain anonymous and, once the result is communicated to authors, papers will be destroyed and no record will be kept of them. Submission entails the acceptance of these rules of selection and evaluation, and the results thereof.

.- Once an article is accepted for publication, it will be immediately published electronically as part of the contents of the current issue.